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Putting efficiency and consistency
into growing your business

Every client has their own unique set of problems, and the solutions must be unique as well.

Havas Digital is oriented to getting results, not just selling as many clicks and views as possible and offering everyone the same web design.

Being a good partner for our customers and helping them to achieve their goals means planning each step based on data, whether it’s website optimization, conducting a client survey, integrating DMP solutions, or taking search engine marketing to a new level.

Over 20,000 experts on Havas’s global team offer support for clients operating on our international markets. Together with our Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues, we’re one of the Baltics’ biggest digital agencies.

Integrated services, save your time, money, and spare you from stress.

We give you access to unique tools and the resources of a global agency.

We’re not a “one and done” outfit. Our aim is to create a beneficial and long-lasting strategic partnership, not just working on one individual project.

Our agency in Estonia employs 20 top specialists. We’ll hand-select the team that is right for you.

How is Havas Digital different from the rest?

Our unique model combines the three principal pillars of digital into one agency: Design & Development, Digital Media & Performance and Research & Analytics.

This allows us to offer integrated services without having to draw on outside resources. The result: we save our most valuable resource, time, which is indispensable in digital marketing and boosts profitability.

Achieve maximum effectiveness

The Havas Digital performance team is made up of people who are passionate about social media, are up to date with the latest trends on Google and have a technical and analytical platform for programmatic buying.

We create digital marketing strategies that take into account different points along the client journey. We plan, optimize and put ads to work for you effectively by using the latest digital trends and tools.

Data = power

The world is full of data that can be used skilfully to make the best decisions and create more successful strategies. With Havas Digital, you’ll have fresh, relevant information at your fingertips.

Havas’s research solutions and analytical tools have proven their worth globally and undergo constant development. The aim of our experienced Research & Analytics experts is to generate value for your business. We create meaningful stories with visualized in a user-friendly manner with practical suggestions. Deep, comprehensive – and where necessary, both at the same time.

Designing profits?

One of Havas Digital’s strengths is that it can offer in-house design and development of digital services. Our well selected team gives us very broad capabilities.

We can optimize existing websites and e-stores through UX and SEO analysis. We use new features – such as chat robots and machine learning – to bring digital services to a new level and create new tailored websites from strategic concept to content creation.


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